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What am I thinking!? iPads, Korea, & Dreams. oh my

In Life on April 28, 2011 at 10:00 pm

Wizard of Oz 1038

Today was quite the adventure and it started bright and early. 5am

I never thought I’d say it, but I waited in line for something.  It was the first time.  I gave my brother hell for waiting in line when the X-Box 360 came out.  Even with iPhones and other things, I’ve always been content to wait.  I felt I’d waited long enough for an iPad2, so I went to the store to stand in line.

I was behind a mother and son from Melbourne, Australia directly behind a lady from Ireland. Daniel, an Australian my age, and I talked with his Mom and Marie. It made me miss my mom. They were quite friendly, but the Mom said she thought Qatar rigged the FIFA World Cup bid. I then informed her I was part of that team. Dirty trick? I enjoy hearing people’s honest answer.

Sadly, the Apple store only received Verizon iPad versions.  I wanted the 32gb Wi-Fi only. Thankfully, they came out at 7 to tell us this. I bid farewell to Daniel and his Mom from Australia and Marie from Ireland.

I went back to my friend’s place, where I had strategically slept to be closer to the store the night before, to nap. After catching a few ZzZzZ’s, I went to get my hair cut.

I walked in.

Hi, I’m Hot Mess for Mathew at 11.

Only one of the receptionists laughed. I thought it was funny! The haircut was relaxing and invigorating, and after the early morning I’d just had, was well beyond needed. I now don’t look unkempt, but the front still has a slight Elvis/Jimmy Neutron look about it.

After the haircut, I raced home to change and meet a PR professional a friend from Qatar was nice enough to connect me to.  Just prior to the meeting, I declined a contract to teach at a private school in Korea. My gut instinct said something wasn’t right.  [my gut would be later validated by information provided by a friend of a friend who is currently in Korea teaching]. Always follow the gut instinct.

Back to the coffee date. She arrived perfectly on time. I insisted on buying her coffee as she had taken time out of her busy schedule to speak with me. I was completely floored.  Supplied with the skills of several PR jobs, she now currently co-owns and operates her own PR firm. We talked about our mutual friend, my time in Qatar, what helped her find direction, and her advice to me moving forward with career and interests in technology and international industries.

It gave me so much to think about. Dreams come true. Picking a dream and chasing it is the hard part.

naughty angel


Thinking [Damage Control] – Three cups of $h!+

In Professional on April 18, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Turkish Tea

Sadly, I read an article today about how the author of Three Cups of Tea basically made up his story? While reading, this caught my eye..

Mortenson’s book agent, Elizabeth Kaplan, declined to comment on the 60 Minutes report, writing in an email to The Daily Beast: “I’m on a runway at Newark airport heading for Prague.” His co-author, Portland, Oregon, journalist David Oliver Relin, could not be reached. The public relations executive at Viking-Penguin, Paul Slovak, didn’t respond to our email, and Viking-Penguin refused to answer 60 Minutes’ questions or speak to Kroft, who, in a classic ambush scene, tried to grill his quarry at a book signing, only to be led away by security.

What do you pay these people for? 

Granted, it is horrible if these allegations are true, and not just because he made a bunch of people look like idiots, but also because it makes people lose faith in the non-profit, and this region needs as much help as it can get! But, that isn’t going to be the focus of my attention – all that stuff is obvious.

My focus is on the crisis management and PR professionals that get paid $$$$ of money, agents that are by people’s side when things are good, but what about when the going gets tough? As some that had a glimpse into PR, I am just dumbfounded. I guess it just takes you back to that phrase..

“Good help is so hard to find.”

What do you do when your PR teams runs with their tail between their legs? What do you do your support system of experts leaves you hanging? Granted, you shouldn’t be doing stuff to get you into that predicament in the first place [imagine being paid to clean up Lindsay Lohan’s mess?!] but stuff happens..