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Thinking [Blogging] – What is a blog?

In Writing on May 5, 2011 at 9:14 pm


During a conversation with an amazing colleague and friend, I made a seemingly thoughtless analogy, that, once it left my lips, became evident that it was quite profound.

“What is a blog,” I asked.

“Tell me,” she said playing the brainstorming game we quite often do.

“A living thing. It has to grow. It has to go through an awkward teenager period.”

I felt my eyes grow wide and I knew that this would be my next blog post.  What is blogging? [Besides the obvious investment of time and/or money]

It is something that is constantly growing [readership].

It is something that takes on a certain personality or mood.

It is something that exercises regularly [habitual and consistent posting instead of random filings].

While I created this analogy to inspire her to not try and define her blogging ideas so specific in the beginning, it did something even more spectacular for myself.  It gave me hope that the ThinkingJosh blog might eventually grow into a LifeHacker, Break The Illusion, or even an <a title="She is cray cray but I iJustine!

So..I am basically saying that a blog is a living document. [Hope the US Constitution doesn’t get jealous] and that I am going to continue to raise this one. While I had a disappointing amount of readers on Tuesday, my all time high and the anticipation several friends have shared regarding the next post has strengthened my resolve.

Thinking? Leave a comment below and let me know. I can’t read minds 🙂