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Thinking [Blogging] – What is a blog?

In Writing on May 5, 2011 at 9:14 pm


During a conversation with an amazing colleague and friend, I made a seemingly thoughtless analogy, that, once it left my lips, became evident that it was quite profound.

“What is a blog,” I asked.

“Tell me,” she said playing the brainstorming game we quite often do.

“A living thing. It has to grow. It has to go through an awkward teenager period.”

I felt my eyes grow wide and I knew that this would be my next blog post.  What is blogging? [Besides the obvious investment of time and/or money]

It is something that is constantly growing [readership].

It is something that takes on a certain personality or mood.

It is something that exercises regularly [habitual and consistent posting instead of random filings].

While I created this analogy to inspire her to not try and define her blogging ideas so specific in the beginning, it did something even more spectacular for myself.  It gave me hope that the ThinkingJosh blog might eventually grow into a LifeHacker, Break The Illusion, or even an <a title="She is cray cray but I iJustine!

So..I am basically saying that a blog is a living document. [Hope the US Constitution doesn’t get jealous] and that I am going to continue to raise this one. While I had a disappointing amount of readers on Tuesday, my all time high and the anticipation several friends have shared regarding the next post has strengthened my resolve.

Thinking? Leave a comment below and let me know. I can’t read minds 🙂


Thinking [Poetry] – The Source of H

In Writing on April 24, 2011 at 12:01 pm

Happiness: n. [hap-ee-nis]

-if you define your happiness by things

things break, breaking your happiness

-if you define your happiness by people

people die, killing your happiness

-if you define your happiness by place

you leave, leaving your happiness behind

-if you define your happiness by your looks

you age, crippling your happiness

-if you define your happiness by You

when you die, You die happy.

By: Josh Hughes

Thinking [Poetry] – Bay town home

In Writing on April 17, 2011 at 12:01 pm

Orion in the sky,

Crescent moon way up high.

Salty smell light in the air,

The wind swiftly in my hair.

Streetlights aglow,

and I know:

I’m at home in San Francisco.

By: Josh Hughes

Thinking [Blogging] – Writer’s block

In Writing on April 12, 2011 at 6:01 am

crushed paper - writer's block - crumpled paper with unfocused background

I waited till the last-minute to write my blog posts for this week.  I actually have 6 or so active ideas for posts, but between settling into my apartment, being social, and now being overcome with a nasty cough, I am unable to fully develop my thoughts.

So. I have drafted a few of the articles and going to let them simmer a little before posting. You should have new words of wisdom by Thursday!

Thinking [Blogging] – The risks are real life

In Writing on March 24, 2011 at 9:15 am

Blue Screen

Do you blog? [Yes OR no]

Does the company you work for/want to work for have a policy on blogging?

[ Most likely OR you should find out]

When I worked at Apple, they had a policy that from day of hire, you can’t blog about Apple products. When I worked at CNN, you couldn’t Tweet any news that came over the loud speaker. When I was a resident assistant, you had to make sure that if you weren’t living your life the way you were suppose to, your residents never found out. Obviously, I didn’t have an issue with any of these, but as I continue to blog, I think: Could this opinion written today come back to bite me in the butt 5 years from now? Could it keep me from getting that job that I want really badly? Maybe.

Is it worth the risk?

Blogging affecting your professional future is just the tip of the iceberg. If you aren’t careful with your private information, you could have your identity stolen, people could stalk you on Foursquare, or your images could be used to defame your reputation. Risk Risk Risk

What if you write about someone? The risk of alienating a friend is far worse than the lawsuit you could have at your doorstep. I think it is important to brainstorm on how blogging is going to affect your life.  I thought on it until I was paralyzed, went back and forth, and finally: just started.

Is the risk worth it? For some. Some make blogging a profession, a business venture, a personal vent or a voyeuristic elation of sharing your thoughts or life with the known world Universe.

Cogito, ergo blogo.

(Photo courtesy of: smenzel)

Thinking [blogging] – I’m not sorry!

In Writing on March 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Thinking Armani

I haven’t updated all week. A lot of bloggers when they start out, have to find a happy middle ground for the “real” life and their digital blogging one.  I am happy to own the fact that my relocation has caused a bit more of a demand than my blog. I am happy to inform everyone that I have secured my own room in a three bedroom apartment with two type A busy bees like myself.  One roommate is from Tajikistan! Of course he’d end up as my roommate.  You would think I was lobbying to be Secretary-General of the United Nations!

I am also endlessly applying for jobs and following up.  It take a lot to continuously put yourself out there and wait for someone to call you back. And when they don’t? You call them. You email them.  Maybe this is why I really don’t date?  Fortunately I have the confidence and the gumption to keep going.  This past Wednesday was officially week 1. I have a home, making new friends, and now will find the third piece of the puzzle: a job. A couple of things that keep me and my blog going:

  1. The Daily Love. and a perfect affirmation in the newsletter today for me and those considering a giant leap in life: I think BIG thoughts and STEP into them!Anything is possible for me!I choose to step outside my comfort zone and THINKING BIG!I take BIG action!
  2. Great friends and family that believe in me!
  3. Dumb Little Man & Problogger – writing clean and simple articles keeping it real about blogging and the industry, but strangely inspiring me to press on.  Nothing worth while was ever easy..right?

All suggestions for job hunting, job leads, etc for the Bay area are accepted!

(Photo is my own)