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Random Thought: Day in a Movie?

In Life on May 18, 2011 at 12:08 am

8mm Projector

Today was interesting, to say the least. I stayed up quite late, and therefore woke up late. [That, of course, isn’t the interesting part]

Here are a few scenes from today:

  • As I ran for the bus this morning, I realized I had only put pre-product in my hair. It was too late to turn back now as I needed to be at the stop for the bus. Oh well.
  • As soon as I walk into work, the first thing I am told is: “Josh is smirking, it is going to be a good day.” Actually, I was smirking because of the text message I was reading on my phone!
  • As I am sitting at work receiving instruction, I ask a supervisor if he is feeling okay as his tone clearly registers to me that something is wrong. He says he isn’t feeling well.  He attempts to provide me further instruction and then says: “I’ll talk to you about it later, I am going to go throw up.”
  • While having a midday summary discussion with another supervisor, [one that is only coughing and not throwing up] he leaps from his chair and says “I have to answer the door!” I was in shock, to say the least and dismissed myself to lunch.”
  • Lunch was a scene right out of Devil Wears Prada, the one where she is running all the errands. I raced out of the building and on a bus, from the financial district to the touristy/shopping area. I bought more underwear and socks from H&M [and had to be in the slowest line possible], raced to my only fast food option Chipotle for a veggie burrito, and then made  mad dash to a wine store to bring wine for a dinner I was attending before making it back into work and scarfing down the burrito. Back to the grind.
  • On the MUNI ride to dinner, a lady quite unnecessarily was giving me the death glare. I respectfully maintained my silence.
  • Dinner was filled with fantastic conversation and a mutual fear of salmonella. We prolonged the main course and enjoyed our salad, red wine, and potatoes. The chicken ended up being quite good!
  • Finally at home, I write this blog post before bed, and can quite distinctly hear the gentleman living above me have sex.
That, my dear readers & thinkers, is what life would be like living in a movie and what makes every day another adventure. Carpe Diem.

Image provided by: Jesus V


School of Thought Series: Lesson Learned.

In Life on May 14, 2011 at 10:26 pm

old school room

So, instead of imparting knowledge on others, it seemed it was my fate to learn a lesson. Around a week of graduations, I thought I’d give my opinion out on higher education, life experience, and so on and so forth.

Well, I ended up being schooled.  Bloggers seriously have a full-time or at least part-time job on their hands. A week of posting needs a lot more planning and a lot more research. I thus had learned my lesson.

I suppose this “failure” comes at a good time. Early on in the “Thinking Josh” blog/project but also when I had a couple of really awesome people tell me how much reading my blog inspired them.  And a couple of couple of people is a lot more than I asked for..

So. With that, I plan on better planning for all posts and writing.  In addition to the new layout of the blog, I am also going to approach categories and formatting a little differently, too.

Good night thinkers


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School of Thought Series: Quarter-Life Crisis.

In Education, Life on May 11, 2011 at 2:02 am

"Yes I Do Have a Small One"

Yes, older adults are not the only ones that get to have a crisis in their stage of life.

I remember picking up a book titled Quarter-Life Crisis in Barnes & Noble with a cellphone on it and “WTF” as the text message. About to graduate college? A cellphone and text message [both of which I am obsessed with]? On sale!? I’ll bite.

It was a quick read, but I am really glad I read up on the life change that was about to happen to me.  It just so happened that people like me [extremely social, involved, and highly productive college students] can have a hard time adjusting to life in the real world because it isn’t frat parties, RA programs, or socials. It changes into a game of corporate climbing, middle management, validating your degree [and existence], and maybe meeting your partner [if you didn’t already end up married before graduating].

I suppose reading about it helped my transition.  I called it a phase out.  I noticed others going through the same process slightly before me [as I graduated in the Summer]. You emotionally check out and remove yourself from the surroundings.  You are preparing to move from a part of life that has been your goal for 4+ years and that is definitely exciting…but also comes with the daunting tasking of figuring out the next path to explore next.

To those graduating this year, the world is your oyster! Don’t listen to the unemployment rate, don’t listen to those that say you can’t make your dreams come true. If you want something bad enough, you fight for it and you look for people who can help you get there.

If I can ever help offer insight or answer a question, please feel free to contact me.


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Thinking [Time] – Where does it go?

In Life on May 3, 2011 at 6:26 am

The Passage of Time

There are 24 hours in the day. Boring people watch the clock and count the hours as they pass slowly. Busy people look up at the clock and count the hours they wish they had in addition to the promised 24…

Being in the second group, I have never found enough hours exist in the day. To optimally function, I need 6.75 hours of sleep. Since buying a high quality mattress, for the first time in my life it is difficult to pull myself out of bed. Good Morning!!! That is 28% of my day gone.

Thankfully [and you will NEVER hear me complain about working] I managed to find a temp job providing me 40+ hours a week.

If i work roughly 45 hours a week, that leaves me 75.75 hours to do other things. Seem like a lot?

Blog posts to write [such as this one]. Attempt the first draft of a novel. Friends to dine with in San Francisco. Transportation time between places. Showers. Running [not even hitting the gym yet!]. Talking on the phone to family and friends dispersed in the USA & Skype / WhatsApp’ing friends around the world. THAT is where the time goes.

So. I am happy to say that I have my usual Tuesday blog post in. I am happy to say you can expect Thursday to appear as well, AND I am happy to tell you have a few different ideas for future posts that I think people will like. At least Mom will read and like it. [HI MOM!]

Before I close the post, I have one piece of advice & one question I’d like you to comment on below.

  • Advice: Before you give someone Hell about not giving you enough time, put it into perspective. Share. The qualities that make you value them as a person probably make them valuable to their work, family and other friends. I am very fortunate to have very understanding people in my life.
  • Question: I enjoy writing my blog, but I’d like to hear some feedback about what you do or don’t like about it. Comment below? I’ve been paid lots of compliments in person / via Facebook and it really means a lot. Since you made it to the end of this post, Thank you. Thank you x1000.

“Lost time is never found again. -Benjamin Franklin

What am I thinking!? iPads, Korea, & Dreams. oh my

In Life on April 28, 2011 at 10:00 pm

Wizard of Oz 1038

Today was quite the adventure and it started bright and early. 5am

I never thought I’d say it, but I waited in line for something.  It was the first time.  I gave my brother hell for waiting in line when the X-Box 360 came out.  Even with iPhones and other things, I’ve always been content to wait.  I felt I’d waited long enough for an iPad2, so I went to the store to stand in line.

I was behind a mother and son from Melbourne, Australia directly behind a lady from Ireland. Daniel, an Australian my age, and I talked with his Mom and Marie. It made me miss my mom. They were quite friendly, but the Mom said she thought Qatar rigged the FIFA World Cup bid. I then informed her I was part of that team. Dirty trick? I enjoy hearing people’s honest answer.

Sadly, the Apple store only received Verizon iPad versions.  I wanted the 32gb Wi-Fi only. Thankfully, they came out at 7 to tell us this. I bid farewell to Daniel and his Mom from Australia and Marie from Ireland.

I went back to my friend’s place, where I had strategically slept to be closer to the store the night before, to nap. After catching a few ZzZzZ’s, I went to get my hair cut.

I walked in.

Hi, I’m Hot Mess for Mathew at 11.

Only one of the receptionists laughed. I thought it was funny! The haircut was relaxing and invigorating, and after the early morning I’d just had, was well beyond needed. I now don’t look unkempt, but the front still has a slight Elvis/Jimmy Neutron look about it.

After the haircut, I raced home to change and meet a PR professional a friend from Qatar was nice enough to connect me to.  Just prior to the meeting, I declined a contract to teach at a private school in Korea. My gut instinct said something wasn’t right.  [my gut would be later validated by information provided by a friend of a friend who is currently in Korea teaching]. Always follow the gut instinct.

Back to the coffee date. She arrived perfectly on time. I insisted on buying her coffee as she had taken time out of her busy schedule to speak with me. I was completely floored.  Supplied with the skills of several PR jobs, she now currently co-owns and operates her own PR firm. We talked about our mutual friend, my time in Qatar, what helped her find direction, and her advice to me moving forward with career and interests in technology and international industries.

It gave me so much to think about. Dreams come true. Picking a dream and chasing it is the hard part.

naughty angel

Thinking [Karma] – Pay it forward

In Life on April 28, 2011 at 3:15 am


Someone once told me I’d go far in life. I agreed with them, but said that it would not be because of the things I did, but because of the people I knew. The supportive people I have in my life are the reason why I am successful today. I’ll never forget the largest rescue or the smallest vote of confidence in me.  It all makes a difference.

A boat is easier to row when you have a team. The same goes with life. When people help each other get to where they want to be, everyone can be happier. Since public schooling, I knew I was going to move and make something of myself.  With the advice of a few key mentors, I am here today. In San Francisco, I still have support: a friend offered me his couch till I found a place to live, several contacts in the area seek to help me locate a full-time job, etc. All this support means one thing: pay it forward.

You may not be able to help the people helping you, and that is okay. Good-hearted people do not help with the hope of getting something in direct return. Some day, you’ll be able to help someone in a similar way. Help others to help others.

Connect the dots. The best example I can give is with internships. I completed several internships during college and had pretty good relationships with them upon completion. What college kid isn’t looking for an internship? [not enough actually, which is a good thing considering how difficult they are to find] I know a few that are looking, so I connected the dots. Usually, that is all someone really needs. After you set someone in the right direction, it is their responsibility to finish the journey.

Helping others will help others help others.

It is important to note that I don’t believe in endless handouts, but that can be for another post..

Thinking [Time] – I’m late!!!

In Life on April 21, 2011 at 4:25 am

The White Rabbit at The Curious Labyrinth

“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!” -The White Rabbit

I doubt that watching the Disney movie Alice In Wonderland countless times is the cause for my timeliness, but it serves as a good example.

If you are 5-15 minutes early, you’re on time. If you are on time, you are late. If you are late.. FAIL.

Prior to working internationally, being late made my mind twist.  If others were late, my pulse raced. This comes from the sense of time most Americans [in the more professional arenas] believe.  It is even more exact in Germany.  Latin countries are way more lax about time. It stands to reason that, working in Qatar, I had to sink or swim. Professional commitments help the mindset of “Inshallah”. The direct translation of this slang is “If Allah wills it.” I took a non-religious appreciation for this word.  Why? Be at work by 9am? If traffic permits. Meeting 3pm later today? The director just told me to cancel it at 2:15pm. Life happens.

Returning to the United States, I am so much more laid back.  I am still aware of timeliness, but when circumstances beyond my control [public transportation, weather, a common cold] do not permit me to be early [aka on time] then I accept it. I inform the other party and apologize for inconveniencing them, but what more can I do?

I’ve learned that MUNI can be as unpredictable as Qatari traffic. I plan accordingly..and might even purchase a bike..

Remember “Life Happens” the next time you or someone else is late… and it is also a good idea to always give yourself a time buffer for when Life does happen!

Thinking [College] – RA Ra Ra

In Life on April 19, 2011 at 8:01 am

Parchment Paper Texture

No. Not cheerleading.

Resident Assistant.

A huge time commitment.

Duty at all hours of the night.

Mediating petty squabbles.

A life-changing experience that connects you with anyone else that has ever been an RA, and something I would never undo.

They tell you in training that no one will understand what it means to be an RA [short form of Resident Assistant] unless they have been one themselves. In this knowledge, you bond with them. Even if they grate on your nerves, if you work together, you are family. You depend on their support, their work ethic, etc. When you meet a stranger [or a new friend] and it comes up that you were both RA’s, an unspoken rapport is created.

That year and half of service gave me so much. It gave me a family far from home and life-long friends, it tested me personally and professionally [AND PHYSICALLY], and it made me who I am today. When people talk about the physical demands of their job [not heavy lifting, but the hours, etc] I think of how I juggled an internship, classes, and RA responsibilities. How I had to adapt my Type-A planning with real life spontaneity. Teamwork? Diversity? Independence? That was my life. It was our lifestyle.

Some people are made to be RA’s and others are not. Each experience is different from the people you work with, campus culture, the students you have.. even to the floor your are assigned! There is no other job like it..

Sorry. I had to reminisce. Sometimes I wonder if being an RA prepared me more for life and the “real world” better than college!

To any high school students heading to college or to any current college students: Get involved. Apply and interview to be an RA. Diversity is key to a good staff, so don’t feel like you have to be something you’re not. If you can’t manage the commitment of being an RA for whatever reason, get involved in something else.  College is a lot more than exams and essays, and if you don’t see that before the student loans come calling and you hold a degree in your hand.. you might feel like you missed out. In the end, the experience is what you make of it. A diploma is just a piece of paper [hence the image for this post LOL]

Thinking [Living] – Working lost

In Life on April 14, 2011 at 7:45 am

Men at Work

Graduate high school with good grades to go to college.  Graduate college to get a job or go to Grad school. Work your way up the corporate ladder. Earn six figures. Have 2.5 kids, a house with a white picket fence, and… yeah. How about not.

Several people I went to college with and a few of my friends find similar definitions of success and happiness.  An important fact, however obvious it might be, is Success and Happiness are not synonymous. What made our parents and grandparents happy, and even our peers, may not be what will make us Happy.

After several life experience, I have come to recognize that like life, careers and jobs take on unique paths.  I find that our society enables us to judge each other on our jobs and careers, among other things.  It provides a sense of identity.  You work for the IRS?- You must be evil. You work for McDonald’s- You must be stupid. You’re an accountant- You must be rich.

What we should be doing is judging these individuals.

After taking off my goggles of career judgement, two things happened to me.

1. I personally felt free.

2. I started meeting more amazing people and learning their stories.

Having once felt the weight to have a normal 9-5 job  working my way up to middle management, I sought to continue what I had already unconsciously been doing. I was doing temp work.  I was making connections, developing skills, serving a purpose, and figuring out my true calling in life.  It is one of those things that once you start, it keeps on going.

There is so much more to a person beyond what they do to pay the rent.  Student by day, artist by night? Stay at home dad and blogger?

Bottom Line: Don’t judge a book by its cover, a person by their job, or a dog by the breed.

Thinking [New Life] – Relocation needs time

In Life on April 7, 2011 at 10:12 am

Moving Trucks

Qatar >>> Holiday with family >>> visit DC >>> visit SF >>> Think >>> relocate to SF!!!

I just packed my bags, FedEx’ed everything, and flew to San Francisco where a friend of mine relocated after college.  I fell in love with the city. I knew that if I was going to stay in the United States, this is where I was going to move.  The architecture, the diversity, the energy of everything around me just felt right. The scenery is nice too.

Today is officially 5 weeks. I have met a lot of amazing people. I have my own place [FINALLY off the couch!]. I know my way around the city relatively well.

What else do I need to do? 1. Get a job. 2. Get to know the local establishments

1a– I don’t just want any job.  I am fortunate enough to be able to sustain myself until something comes along that I really like. A job isn’t just about making money. Qatar helped teach me that.

2a– Starbucks is my place. [free wifi until my master tenant at my place gets the internet set up for us]. Plus, I like the coffee drinks they have.  I have also had Chipotle more times that I’d like to admit.  Confession: I’m addicted to guacamole. After a few more months, I’ll know the less tourist / chain restaurants and be more in touch with locally owned establishments.

Lesson learned: It takes time to relocate.  You can’t just build up your life instantly, it doesn’t matter how great your resume or sense of direction is.  I am going to use yelp and other sites to get a sense of where to go.  I am also hoping that networking with new contacts and friends will help me find an ideal job.

To anyone wanting to start a new life: cut spending, save, book the ticket, move, start the new life!