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Thinking [Running] – Gait & barefoot

In Fitness on March 31, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Five Fingers

I have enjoyed running since high school. Yes. I enjoy running. Get over it.

Despite how much people hate running for lazy reasons, it can also be hatefully harsh on your body.  My father learned that with all the running he had to do in the Navy.  He would eventually have knee surgery for men 10-15 years his senior.Being that I really love running, I began researching options and information passionately.

Have you seen those weird 5 toes shoes walking around your city? Know someone who has a pair? Well, after many years of contemplation, I now have my own. A running expert talked to me about barefoot running and the kinds of running shoes I needed.  Evidently, running on trails and beach barefoot [or simulated barefoot] with a front footstrike is best for those with knee risks.

To runners, I fully suggest having your run tested and proper shoes bought for you.  Make sure it feels right and hit the pavement, beach, or trails.

Thinking [Wellness] – Heart, Health, & Hope

In Fitness on March 6, 2011 at 8:22 pm

137/365 - 2/22/2011

The same week a friend my age had his artificial valve replaced, my mom’s best friend ended up in the hospital. Sometimes our health gives us the courtesy of allowing us to plan [and dread] procedures or expectations. More often than not it is random and ill-timed: flu during finals week, pink eye before prom, or a blood clot sending family and friend into a worry.

Even when we believe we are in relatively good health, silent killers can be just around the corner. I admit my typical reaction to any health concern is: one more day and  I’ll go to the doctor. What if we don’t have one more day?

Regardless of where you stand on healthcare issues, we are very fortunate to live in a country that mandates we receive the medical attention we need. Others are not as fortunate to have access to medical care or even doctors to treat them. For this, we should be thankful. We also should wake up to preventative medicine. Eating healthy, exercising, avoiding adverse behaviors, & going for regular checkups are ways we can keep our bodies in good condition, speed up the queue waiting for medical treatment, lower our costs, & enjoy our lives more.

The question is, if the answer is so simple, why can’t we seem to follow through? Is it merely a battle of willpower? Laziness? Do we not love ourselves enough? To good health and a good life for us all.