Josh Hughes

Thinking [Karma] – Pay it forward

In Life on April 28, 2011 at 3:15 am


Someone once told me I’d go far in life. I agreed with them, but said that it would not be because of the things I did, but because of the people I knew. The supportive people I have in my life are the reason why I am successful today. I’ll never forget the largest rescue or the smallest vote of confidence in me.  It all makes a difference.

A boat is easier to row when you have a team. The same goes with life. When people help each other get to where they want to be, everyone can be happier. Since public schooling, I knew I was going to move and make something of myself.  With the advice of a few key mentors, I am here today. In San Francisco, I still have support: a friend offered me his couch till I found a place to live, several contacts in the area seek to help me locate a full-time job, etc. All this support means one thing: pay it forward.

You may not be able to help the people helping you, and that is okay. Good-hearted people do not help with the hope of getting something in direct return. Some day, you’ll be able to help someone in a similar way. Help others to help others.

Connect the dots. The best example I can give is with internships. I completed several internships during college and had pretty good relationships with them upon completion. What college kid isn’t looking for an internship? [not enough actually, which is a good thing considering how difficult they are to find] I know a few that are looking, so I connected the dots. Usually, that is all someone really needs. After you set someone in the right direction, it is their responsibility to finish the journey.

Helping others will help others help others.

It is important to note that I don’t believe in endless handouts, but that can be for another post..

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