Josh Hughes

Thinking [Work] – 119 Days

In Professional on April 14, 2011 at 11:57 pm


Today was my first day working in 119 days. I completed my contract in Qatar on December 16th, spent the holidays with my family, previewed DC and San Francisco, and then moved my life to The Bay Area. I traded one peninsula (Qatar) for another (holidays in Florida) for another (San Francisco).

It is a contracted IT job. Today, I cabled managed a training room. Coming soon, I’ll be updating RAM. Yes. People get paid to do these kind of things. I am very thankful that a friend was made me aware of the job post.  Regardless of earnings, being at work is just such a relief. I admit it. I’m a workaholic. 

Knowing this makes me feel like I’ll probably end up starting my own business one day. I also think that one of the things I can honestly say I missed about my college life was how busy I was. Juggling an internship, classes, being a resident assistant, a good friend.. … I just enjoy living. Sleep is nice [especially with my new mattress!] but I’ll sleep when I’m dead.. or 80 something.

People should take their jobs for granted, economic hardship or not. One of my thoughts today as I was being shown around the building was “Their cubicles are personalized.. it will be so nice when I’m able to do that.” Water cooler talk, gadget geeking, etc. Even on day one, I felt easily part of their environment. I know this will be a good experience.


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