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Cogito, Ergo Sum.

In Life on March 2, 2011 at 8:44 am

Rodin - Thinking Man

Thinking. What good is a thought unless it is shared with others? As someone who appreciates cultural and intellectual exchange, I have returned to the temptation of blogging. Having grown up in what I call Smallville, traveled to “the big city” for college, and since journeyed to places I had only dreamed about, I feel that my story and insight can help others overcome obstacles big and small to make their dreams a reality of life.

If my blogging helps one person achieve their dream; if my blogging helps one person overcome; if my blogging opens someone’s mind – I will be fulfilled.

I am at a unique point in my life where I can choose the path I start down next.  I jumped through the hoops of high school, college, and landed the first job only to find myself at the starting line again. A starting line with no path. For a runner [ and a type A personality ] that can be a challenging confrontation. I have since welcomed it and used my sabbatical to visit with family and close friends, to travel to various cities to contemplate my next step and to take a breather in a rate race I had been running for 7 years.

My AP Language teacher [about 5 years ago] told me that opportunity and intellect were as much a curse as a blessing.  I wouldn’t understand what she meant by that until years later when I would be faced with choices for different internships and jobs, including the situation I am in now. I have to choose where to go next, whether to build roots or remain a nomad, and what kind of work/personal balance I want to have.

Welcome to the life of Thinking Josh, where the world just isn’t enough..

  1. […] I suppose this “failure” comes at a good time. Early on in the “Thinking Josh” blog/project but also when I had a couple of really awesome people tell me how much reading my blog inspired them.  And a couple of couple of people is a lot more than I asked for.. […]

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