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Thinking [Running] – Gait & barefoot

In Fitness on March 31, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Five Fingers

I have enjoyed running since high school. Yes. I enjoy running. Get over it.

Despite how much people hate running for lazy reasons, it can also be hatefully harsh on your body.  My father learned that with all the running he had to do in the Navy.  He would eventually have knee surgery for men 10-15 years his senior.Being that I really love running, I began researching options and information passionately.

Have you seen those weird 5 toes shoes walking around your city? Know someone who has a pair? Well, after many years of contemplation, I now have my own. A running expert talked to me about barefoot running and the kinds of running shoes I needed.  Evidently, running on trails and beach barefoot [or simulated barefoot] with a front footstrike is best for those with knee risks.

To runners, I fully suggest having your run tested and proper shoes bought for you.  Make sure it feels right and hit the pavement, beach, or trails.


Thinking [Pride] – Wonderfully dangerous

In Life on March 29, 2011 at 6:13 am

Dedicated Lion

Temper gets you into trouble. Pride keeps you there.” -Unknown

I am of the mind that the successful are their own worst enemy: perfectionists procrastinate, Type A’s give themselves blood pressure problems, and so on. When the might fall, they fall the hardest.

I was discussing with a very successful friend about their habit of wasting energy and time on chasing down losers. With little or no chance of a possibility with people who are not looking for the same thing, the hunt didn’t stop. Why? The other party had the upper hand. My friend wanted to be back in control of the situation.  I warned my friend that pride can end up costing us a lot. Cut your losses and learn from them, right?

Is it that easy? A seasoned [dater/CEO/fill in the blank w/ whatever] becomes better skilled at learning when to cut losses. Granted, without risk there is no payoff. What about when you know it is wrong? Can you trust your gut every time? My dear friend has since left behind a couple of the losers / bad decisions & is using a more grounded decision-making system. One day he’ll have his significant other and a really awesome job, probably as a CEO.

Thinking [Blogging] – The risks are real life

In Writing on March 24, 2011 at 9:15 am

Blue Screen

Do you blog? [Yes OR no]

Does the company you work for/want to work for have a policy on blogging?

[ Most likely OR you should find out]

When I worked at Apple, they had a policy that from day of hire, you can’t blog about Apple products. When I worked at CNN, you couldn’t Tweet any news that came over the loud speaker. When I was a resident assistant, you had to make sure that if you weren’t living your life the way you were suppose to, your residents never found out. Obviously, I didn’t have an issue with any of these, but as I continue to blog, I think: Could this opinion written today come back to bite me in the butt 5 years from now? Could it keep me from getting that job that I want really badly? Maybe.

Is it worth the risk?

Blogging affecting your professional future is just the tip of the iceberg. If you aren’t careful with your private information, you could have your identity stolen, people could stalk you on Foursquare, or your images could be used to defame your reputation. Risk Risk Risk

What if you write about someone? The risk of alienating a friend is far worse than the lawsuit you could have at your doorstep. I think it is important to brainstorm on how blogging is going to affect your life.  I thought on it until I was paralyzed, went back and forth, and finally: just started.

Is the risk worth it? For some. Some make blogging a profession, a business venture, a personal vent or a voyeuristic elation of sharing your thoughts or life with the known world Universe.

Cogito, ergo blogo.

(Photo courtesy of: smenzel)

Thinking [Criticism] – Yes Man?

In Professional on March 22, 2011 at 7:05 am

good advice

Most of us, myself included, would like to think that we have our lives together. What about when we seek the advice of those around us? Do they have what’s best for us in mind? Are they telling us honestly how and what they feel? I have often felt that my peers’ opinion of me is more lofty than what I deserve and has caused them to take on a “Yes Man” persona.

The point I am trying to get at is: being surrounded by Yes Men makes me feel like I am not growing or developing. Not having someone point out my flaws or ways to improve makes me nervous that I’m missing something, that I am not reaching my full potential.  Is that just me being a paranoid TypeA ENTJ?

It takes a special kind of person to deal out constructive criticism, and thankfully, some of my closest friends can dish it out.

Are you surrounded by a yes man or woman? Do you think they don’t give constructive advice because they are worried about hurting your feelings? Maybe they don’t know how to approach the conversation? These thoughts crossed my mind, prompting me to sit down with my family and friends and tell them: flat-out tell me if I look like a fool or you don’t think something is a good idea.

Becoming aware of a problem or issue is the only way we can start trying to fix it.

(Photo courtesy of: jenosaur)

Thinking [Charity] – I have a few bucks

In Life on March 21, 2011 at 7:39 am

Even a smile is an act of charity

Have you ever been truly thankful?

Have you ever given with no expectations of return even when you were limited yourself?

I believe you have to answer Yes to the second question to answer Yes to the first. That was my thought process after my encounter with a homeless gentleman today.  I was standing on a busy street checking my messages when a man [who I didn’t realize was homeless at the time] came up to me and asked if I was lost.  I told him no thanks and we laughed off my standing on the street.

Mr. Homeless then told me he was a war veteran [Gulf war] and came back messed up and ended up being charged with attempted murder. [ gut instinct tells me he isn’t going to try to kill or mug me] He then asked me if I had a couple of dollars to spare. Do I? I am unemployed and looking for work in a new city… OF COURSE I CAN! I am fortunate in more ways than I can count right now and this man needs help. I reached into my pocket where loose one dollar bills sit and handed him a few. He thanked me and went on his way.

I couldn’t help but walk away thinking how fortunate I was on so many levels.  I’m healthy. I can pick up and move across the country to start a new life. I have amazing friends and family that I can depend on. Some people don’t have anything. Those people aren’t just in third world countries, but in our cities and neighborhoods.

Rethink the next time you complain about working or being ‘too fat’.

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Thinking [blogging] – I’m not sorry!

In Writing on March 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Thinking Armani

I haven’t updated all week. A lot of bloggers when they start out, have to find a happy middle ground for the “real” life and their digital blogging one.  I am happy to own the fact that my relocation has caused a bit more of a demand than my blog. I am happy to inform everyone that I have secured my own room in a three bedroom apartment with two type A busy bees like myself.  One roommate is from Tajikistan! Of course he’d end up as my roommate.  You would think I was lobbying to be Secretary-General of the United Nations!

I am also endlessly applying for jobs and following up.  It take a lot to continuously put yourself out there and wait for someone to call you back. And when they don’t? You call them. You email them.  Maybe this is why I really don’t date?  Fortunately I have the confidence and the gumption to keep going.  This past Wednesday was officially week 1. I have a home, making new friends, and now will find the third piece of the puzzle: a job. A couple of things that keep me and my blog going:

  1. The Daily Love. and a perfect affirmation in the newsletter today for me and those considering a giant leap in life: I think BIG thoughts and STEP into them!Anything is possible for me!I choose to step outside my comfort zone and THINKING BIG!I take BIG action!
  2. Great friends and family that believe in me!
  3. Dumb Little Man & Problogger – writing clean and simple articles keeping it real about blogging and the industry, but strangely inspiring me to press on.  Nothing worth while was ever easy..right?

All suggestions for job hunting, job leads, etc for the Bay area are accepted!

(Photo is my own)

Thinking [moving] – Day 1 of SF

In Life on March 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Golden gate of The Bay

Day 1 of the San Francisco Chapter of my life.

Having arrive late last night and taking a service van [since I willingly no longer own a car] from the airport to my friend’s couch, I was knackered. I woke up on my friends’ new couch, which despite the modern dimensions, slept very well. I skimmed the blog posts I missed during my day of travel, checked my email, and brushed my teeth.

No job responses. Yet. Applied for a couple more really exciting jobs and finally made it to the shower. Lunch was at a nice restaurant where I ate organic, moderately priced food. I went to lunch with one of the roommates and discussed Middle Eastern politics, economics, and Korea.

After some light grocery shopping, we came back to the house and played video games.  I need a job [but not just any job]. I am going to do some more searching while listening to a podcast. Next week is when I start hitting up their offices so they can see my bright shining face, then they will all want to hire me! You can’t buy a personality like mine.

(Photo is my own)

Thinking [Blogging] – Read Read Read

In Life on March 8, 2011 at 9:37 pm

Too much reading.

Giant red books

I have been an avid blog addict since before my discovery of the miracle that Google Reader is. Reading all these blogs has become a problem for my writing.  I am always reading what everyone is writing about: being positive, blogging, fashion, and gadgets.  I need to get my own thoughts out there! Fortunately I’ve gone from reading x number of blogs [I don’t know how many there were, just that it was collecting 1000+ posts a day] to roughly 500 posts a day between all of the blogs. Thankfully, I have a moderately good system in place of speed scrolling the titles and images to vet the ones I want [15-22 a day] but still. Am I really retaining the information? Wouldn’t it be better to publish my own thoughts and start the snowball of developing my online material, publishing and business?

As is my belief with many things, moderation is going to have to be key. That is why this evening I forced myself to walk away from the resumes and cover letters, the blog posts and newsletters, and most of all any social media. Blog written. Posted. Now back to the hunt..

Thinking [Wellness] – Heart, Health, & Hope

In Fitness on March 6, 2011 at 8:22 pm

137/365 - 2/22/2011

The same week a friend my age had his artificial valve replaced, my mom’s best friend ended up in the hospital. Sometimes our health gives us the courtesy of allowing us to plan [and dread] procedures or expectations. More often than not it is random and ill-timed: flu during finals week, pink eye before prom, or a blood clot sending family and friend into a worry.

Even when we believe we are in relatively good health, silent killers can be just around the corner. I admit my typical reaction to any health concern is: one more day and  I’ll go to the doctor. What if we don’t have one more day?

Regardless of where you stand on healthcare issues, we are very fortunate to live in a country that mandates we receive the medical attention we need. Others are not as fortunate to have access to medical care or even doctors to treat them. For this, we should be thankful. We also should wake up to preventative medicine. Eating healthy, exercising, avoiding adverse behaviors, & going for regular checkups are ways we can keep our bodies in good condition, speed up the queue waiting for medical treatment, lower our costs, & enjoy our lives more.

The question is, if the answer is so simple, why can’t we seem to follow through? Is it merely a battle of willpower? Laziness? Do we not love ourselves enough? To good health and a good life for us all.

Cogito, Ergo Sum.

In Life on March 2, 2011 at 8:44 am

Rodin - Thinking Man

Thinking. What good is a thought unless it is shared with others? As someone who appreciates cultural and intellectual exchange, I have returned to the temptation of blogging. Having grown up in what I call Smallville, traveled to “the big city” for college, and since journeyed to places I had only dreamed about, I feel that my story and insight can help others overcome obstacles big and small to make their dreams a reality of life.

If my blogging helps one person achieve their dream; if my blogging helps one person overcome; if my blogging opens someone’s mind – I will be fulfilled.

I am at a unique point in my life where I can choose the path I start down next.  I jumped through the hoops of high school, college, and landed the first job only to find myself at the starting line again. A starting line with no path. For a runner [ and a type A personality ] that can be a challenging confrontation. I have since welcomed it and used my sabbatical to visit with family and close friends, to travel to various cities to contemplate my next step and to take a breather in a rate race I had been running for 7 years.

My AP Language teacher [about 5 years ago] told me that opportunity and intellect were as much a curse as a blessing.  I wouldn’t understand what she meant by that until years later when I would be faced with choices for different internships and jobs, including the situation I am in now. I have to choose where to go next, whether to build roots or remain a nomad, and what kind of work/personal balance I want to have.

Welcome to the life of Thinking Josh, where the world just isn’t enough..